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Best known for her televised appearances on America’s Got Talent and The Glee Project 2, Singer/Song-writer, Dani Shay, uses her talent to produce thought-provoking music surrounding both relevant and controversial topics. Her message of self love has inspired people all around the world.

Always looking to expand her own self- awareness and grow as a global peace-builder, Dani has completed over 10 consciousness and leadership training courses with The Shift Network, ASTEP and Stars Edge. Dani brings this training into her performances with Be More Heroic as well as her engagements at college campuses and festivals around the US.

To Dani, Be More Heroic means learning to really listen to, and trust your own heart.

Justin Chase



Justin Chase is a versatile singer-songwriter whose soulfully textured voice, catchy melodies and evocative lyrics manage to be both unique and familiar.

Chase’s music resonates emotionally, musically and lyrically. His songs are stories that engage the listener with perspective and maturity.

To Justin be more heroic is spreading light by simply using your gifts to serve all beings.




A heart-wrenching performer, Ali is not defined by her ability to act and sing but rather her undeniable passion for life. At the age of two Ali was paralyzed from the chest down and although she has been in a wheelchair since she uses her story to inspire people of all ages to turn their limitations into their opportunities.

Currently Ali is the founding member of the Walk and Roll Dance Team, a spokesperson for Colours Wheelchairs and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Ali uses these experiences to fuel her performance and business development work within BMH.

Ali believes being more heroic is not asking, “What am I going to get,” but instead, “What can I give.”




Joie Kathos is a multi-talented hip-hop artist and humanitarian from Philadelphia. Joie delivers the message of optimism and hope within life’s everyday struggles through her forthright lyrics and genuine poetry.

In March 2011, Joie launched a music-based anti-bullying tour that received full support from the New York City Department of Education. With this campaign she spoke about decision-making skills, self-esteem development and other issues within the urban youth community.

Joie brings much of that experience with her into every performance with Be More Heroic.

For Joie Kathos, Be More Heroic means loving and believing in yourself enough to make a difference in the world.




Savanna Raven is the youngest advocate on the BMH team yet. At just 8-years-old Savanna advocates for not only equal human rights but the humane treatment of animals as well.

Savanna may seem like just a young child but her ambition to impact this world in a positive way has already touched the hearts of thousands of people. She is passionate about sharing her message of social justice because of the positive change it brings to the world.

To Savanna, be more heroic means that trying to change the world and inspire other people to make changes too. She says, “It means that I am always working to be the best person I can be and inspiring myself also.”


RIVER PHOENIX CENTER FOR PEACEBUILDING: With a mission so aligned with ours, it was natural that RPCP and Be More Heroic would collaborate on many different efforts tocontinue spreading the message of love and peace for all. RPCP is currently working alongside our Camp Directors to ensure Camp More continues changing lives for years to come.

JAMES CLEMENTI: A Spokesperson for the Tyler Clementi Foundation and brother of Tyler Clementi, James has joined the Be More Heroic team on certain School Tours to share the heartfelt story of his brother. James’ bravery and strength continues to drive and motivate efforts of the Be More Heroic national team daily.

MADUS MUSIC: A talented group, that goes without saying. Madus was the official Be More Heroic Fall 2012 School Tour band, touring the country with the team supporting the music of each individual artist and even sharing some of their own stories. Madus never hesitates to jump onboard independent BMH projects and continues to do so!

VANESSA VASQUEZ: One of our very own heroes and biggest supporters, Vanessa has been a Guest Spokesperson at several Be More Heroic presentations spreading the message that you really can do whatever you put your heart to. Vanessa continues to support BMH efforts by spreading the message via social media and even fundraising within her local community.

CARRIE WILTSHIRE: Vice President of award-winning creative agency, Ignition Creative, Carrie has played a large role in bringing the Be More Heroic documentary to life. Currently Carrie is overseeing the post-production of the documentary ensuring it reaches it’s highest potential possible. Carrie’s knowledge and passion has helped fulfill many Be more Heroic goals.

NICOLE “LITTLE” LENCIONI: A notable LGBTQ activist in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA Nicole “Little” Lencioni has used her influence to help share Be More Heroic’s message. Little continues to advocate, sharing her exhilerating story at BMH community event’s and participating in our PSA’s. She motivates and inspires all she encounters.

JESSE THOMAS: A talented music professional, Jesse jumped onboard the second she heard about Be More Heroic using her music and her story to encourage the community at Be More Heroic event’s while continuing to spread our message in the media every chance she gets. Jesse is a unique soul, who has brought much joy to our organization.

CHARLENE BORJA: A talented and well known artist, Charlene has spearheaded many artistic endeavors for Be More Heroic, using her unique and empowering paints to spread our message.

ISAAC TINTO: Founder and CEO of Tinto Media, Isaac has brought invaluable graphic,filming and web and motion art design to BMH’s digital presence.

KAITLIN WILLIAMS: Currently in school studying Psychology, Kaitlin’s passion has always been helping others. She has been involved in many non-profits and when she heard about Be More Heroic, there was no looking back. She currently aids on the administrative side spending all her free time keeping our President on track. Kait looks forward to continuing her work with Be More Heroic for years to come.

INA PAUL: A passionate jack-of-all-trades, ready to jump in whenever need be. Ina is a skillful programmer and spent sleepless nights helping us bring our website to fruition. She is the definition of service and makes it a point to share BMH wherever she goes.


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