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It is our mission with the School Tour program to raise awareness around the issue of bullying. We hope to inspire individuals to show great determination in advocating for social change.

The Be More Heroic Program has reached over 30,000 students and faculty from Elementary to University levels across the country.

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What is the two part program?

● Our two-part program includes a 75-minute interactive presentation with live music, digital media and personal stories and the initiation of a Be More Heroic club. We offer the tools and resources to cultivate positive change within your school community.

How much does your program cost?

● The starting cost is $1,000. This includes pre-presentation Club Mentor Training, a 75 minute interactive presentation with live music, digital media and personal stories from 5 or more Be More Heroic spokespeople and the initiation of the Be More Heroic Club on your school’s campus. Additional costs include travel and housing accommodations for the Be More Heroic team, this expense is dependant upon the school’s location. The overall cost can decrease significantly if two or more schools in a district take in the program at a time.

What makes your program different from other anti-bullying programs?

● What separates us from other anti-bullying programs is the student club put into effect following the presentation. Long-term impact is a key tool in decreasing the amount of bullying incidents taking place, and that is exactly what the BMH Club provides.

What is the Be More Heroic Club?

● The club is the most important part of the program model because it leaves behind a framework that allows students to create a culture in which diversity is embraced.
● The student’s participating in the club engage their school community by creating empowering service projects that cultivate social change. In doing this they become student advocates against bullying and leaders who inspire and stimulate their fellow peers.

What topics do you cover within the presentation?

● Throughout the presentation each performer shares their personal struggles focusing mainly on how they made it better and leaving students with tools they can apply to their own challenge.
● The topics covered include: Gender Roles, Racial Discrimination, In-Home Abuse, Exclusion, the Bully Perspective, Peer Pressure, Self-Empowerment, Empathy and what it means to be your own hero.

Does your program meet the Common Core Standards?

● Service learning is the foundation of the Be More Heroic program. According to a case study done by the Education Commission of the States, ‘service learning is a strategy used to help students meet common core standards by building deeper learning skills through the integration of content knowledge with application.’

What education levels does the program apply to?

● Our program works from Fourth grade up to University level. We are able to mold our presentation to fit the exact level of education we are working with, along with the environment of that specific school.

How do I bring the program to my school?

● Contact a Be More Heroic representative by emailing
or calling 818-649-4197

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