“BMH provides innovative solutions to change behavior. They use a compassionate approach that honors the humanity in all people, including the ones that we don’t necessarily agree with.”

– Dr. Sarah Vitorino

“Be More Heroic Takes a solutions oriented approach, touching deeply the essence of another so that they know themselves to be the hero they are. I love the “more” because what you are telling all of us is that we are already heroes. We need to do that more. We need to be that more. So thank you.”

– Dr. Dot Maver

“I’m very excited about the program because I think today to really reach students we have to have very engaging presentations and most of all we have to have people presenting that young people can relate to. I really believe the Be More Heroic can move us in the direction where more and more kids will take a stand. Be More Heroic is more than a one-day assembly.”

– Dr. Scott Poland

“The inspiration that Be More Heroic has is so enlivening! I mean, they’re capable of captivating four, five hundred students at a time, and the adults that are in the room to go “Oh my goodness, there is a possibility…”

– Jeff Weisberg

“Aside from the assembly performance that Be More Heroic puts on, my focus was on watching those kids, and the transformation from the beginning to walking out was amazing!”

– Heart Phoenix


“The Be More Heroic assembly was really powerful because it charged the environment. There was an electrical energy that came away from it that day and it has lingered since. When everybody gets together and everybody is vocal and active in making a commitment to a cause, it generates such a force and power, and that power can really stay and work throughout everything that we do. It’s informed our decision since then, and I’m sure it will inform our decisions moving forward.”

– Danny Swardlow

“I was so touched! Not in my eight years at this school have our students been so agreeable and interested. Their listening quiet speaks volumes about their engagement with the performers and their stories! The message was important, their stories personal and affecting and the musical performances were radiant, daring, powerful and beautiful! In many classes throughout the day students and teachers fell into discussions about becoming more heroic. About being an upstander and not a bystander! About being a helper! Always! Because that is our human essence! In all, I think perhaps it was among our finest symposia in many years!”

– Dr. Doherty

“I really think that the Be More Heroic presentation was great and much needed and kind of filled a gap for us here at the University of Florida. I felt it was necessary for the students because bullying doesn’t just impact young people; really it impacts everyone through the identities that pose them as being different.”

– LB Hannis

If you are looking for the whole package, Be More Heroic is it! They designed a program for University School that allowed us to train parents, teachers, a core group of middle school students, and to include our Nova Southeastern University psychology students and professors. Their goal is to educate a community and leave behind a framework for continuing to “Be More Heroic” through the ongoing efforts of a BMH team. Be More Heroic has changed lives at University School and we have the synergy needed to sustain this very important movement.”

– Dr. Donna Poland


“I think it was a phenomenal assembly. It really just opened my eyes to how you can view bullying as not such a negative thing…but in a way that gives hope. It tells people that are being bullied now, there IS a way to stop it and it doesn’t always have to be this way.”

– Nicki Pope

“Some of the stories that were told and some of the music that was being sang like Justin’s song Genocide completely touched me. It was a pool of different emotions, I was crying, but I was so happy. It felt like an environment full of love. And all the hate just stopped for a second, and it was just something that lit up the room and that really made you happy.”

– Sandra A.

“The assembly very much gave me the courage to come out to my family. Just knowing there are so many others going through similar experiences, makes you feel like you’re not alone. That one little push can take you so far. Thank you BMH.”

– Samantha H.

“Ever since our Be More Heroic assembly things have changed a lot at school. I haven’t seen that many people being bullied, it’s amazing.”

– Jennifer L.

“The Assembly really opened my eyes as to how some others might be feeling on the inside. It really helped me become more cautious of what I’m saying to others even if I don’t think that it might make an impact on them.”

– Gary M.

“I forget that there are opportunities all around me where I can make a difference and I think this is a great reminder. Be More Heroic told lots of great stories that inspired all of us.”

– Matt K.

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